ACT Preparation Course


ACT Preparation Course
with LIVE Instructors

ACT Preparation Course with LIVE Instructors:
Good Hope Tutoring offers a wonderful ACT Prep Course, which consists of a small group of 5 or more students. The course includes a diagnostic test to determine instructional needs, practice tests, and customized instruction tailored to the specific needs of the students within that group.

In this course, we help students to understand and conquer:

An extensive review of test-taking strategies

Test anxiety reduction tools

Reading comprehension tools

English and writing concepts

Mathematics, including algebraic skills review

Science test strategies.


The classwork and homework assignments provided will help students to master and enhance their overall performance on all sections of the ACT.

There is a special focus on the major differences in the ACT versus regular tests in school too. Additionally, we also provide students with the skills to solve math problems using ‘shortcuts’ and other tips to manage time more efficiently during the test. Our course will improve students’ scores and confidence, significantly.

Mathematics/Science meets on:
Fridays 4:00 to 6:00 PM EST (03-12, 03-19, 03-26, 04 - 02, 04 - 09)

ELA meets on:
Tuesdays 4:00 to 6:00 PM EST (03-16, 03-23, 03-30, 04-06, 04-13)

The last day to register will be Wednesday, March 10, 2021, by 12:00 PM (noon) Eastern Time.

What people say about it

“Orisha was able to help us on short notice. I spoke with her on Friday and by Sunday my son already is more knowledgeable and well on his way to a great score on the ACT exam. She set his goal and made a plan to follow. He actually looked forward to his session. Thank you Orisha!”


“My daughter had her first ACT math prep with Orisha. She has a very nonchalant personality and isn't easily impressed. However, Orisha did such a great job with reviewing the diagnostic test and giving helpful tips that my daughter is confident that she will do well. We will continue using Orisha's service.”


Our Aim

At GHTS, our goal is to help students achieve academic excellence and build self-esteem. We not only tutor our students; we also mentor them.

Get To Know US

Good Hope Tutoring Services LLC operates under the leadership of Orisha M. Brown, a life-long educator. Orisha has more than 25 years’ tutoring experience, 7 years’ teaching experience in both public and private schools, and 5 years’ teaching college-level courses. She has a B.S. in Biology and an M.A. in Education, Instructional Systems Development.

We Are Capable

Orisha and her team of tutors are highly qualified, have background checks, are patient, will explain concepts in multiple ways, and will motivate your child(ren) to learn!

Gift Your Child The Best Preparation

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 ACT or SAT?


The SAT does provide formulas in the mathematics section. The ACT does not provide any formulas.

Test Sections

The SAT contains three sections: Reading, Math, and Writing and Language. The ACT contains four sections: Reading, Math, English, and Science. Both also have an optional essay.


The ACT tests your knowledge base (how much you know), whereas the SAT tests your thinking skills (how you think and reason).


Both tests are given 7 times per year.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the structure of the online course?

Students must take a Diagnostic SAT test from their workbook which they will order through a link sent in the Welcome email.  This must be done prior to their first day of class. The first few classes will consist of the Diagnostic test review which is designed to go over and explain problems that the students got incorrect. At the end of each class, students will be given homework to complete that’s in their workbook.

During each class, the teacher will go over homework problems that the students need help with. Another practice test will be given for homework before the last week of class. The last two classes will be used to go over the practice test and compare scores to the diagnostic test as well as review problems that students missed or didn’t understand.

During class, students should share, in the chatbox, the page and problem numbers of questions they had trouble with while doing their homework. This allows the teacher to provide assistance for any question or math problem in which the student needs help. This process allows each student to get help in some area that they are struggling in. The teacher also has the opportunity to plan the classes and homework assignments accordingly.

Students may ask questions through the chat at any time during the class or by using the microphone after raising their hand and being called upon. Students will be on mute during instruction to maintain an orderly, quiet virtual classroom.

Does my child need to be on camera to participate?

Yes; this is so we can make sure that your child is engaged during each session.

Will breaks be scheduled throughout each session?

For 1.5 to 2 hour classes we will implement 1 or 2 five-minutes breaks as needed.

How do I access my tutoring session?

Students will be sent a link to their virtual platform prior to the tutoring session.

What equipment or technology will students need?

A smartphone is not recommended for group tutoring sessions.

We recommend a tablet, laptop, or desktop computer with a/an:

  • Stable internet connection
  • Ability to share the screen.
  • Working microphone
  • Camera/webcam

We recommend a device or stylus to easily write on a virtual whiteboard.

How do I access my tutoring session?

Students will be sent a link to their virtual platform prior to the tutoring session.

Is an internet connection needed?

Yes, and it should be stable. Limit the number of devices in use during the session to optimize connectivity. For example, make sure other household members are not playing video games during your child's tutoring session.

Do any apps have to be download?

Yes. The Zoom app (https://zoom.us), which is free, must be downloaded either from Zoom or the Google or Apple stores.

We will also utilize supplementary apps that do not need to be downloaded but you will be granted access by a link prior to the session.

What other information do we need to know?

The student will need to purchase a workbook. We will send a link to purchase after tutoring registration is completed.

Students will be given a complimentary SAT practice test prior to their first class

How will students contact their course instructors?

Students will be able to contact their tutors through their Good Hope Tutoring online account.