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Tips to Follow to Stop Procrastination

Procrastination is all risk and no reward. Consequently, this can spell bad news for students who are already under some pressure. This tendency many struggle with can be managed and redirected in the right direction. Below are some helpful tips students can implement to banish those hindering habits. NEGATIVE EFFECTS OF PROCRASTINATION Procrastination would not … Read more

Creating Healthy Screen Time Habits

Now with online learning becoming the norm, children’s screen time has gone up. Technology is increasingly solidifying its place in the way in which learning is conducted. With that comes some concerns about the implications it can have on children’s social development. Some of these concerns include attention span, social anxiety, and sleep habits. It … Read more

Keeping Your Child On Track During Winter Break

School may be out, but class is always in session! At Good Hope, our aim is to cultivate lifelong learners. We believe in finding teachable moments outside of the classroom. The learning should never stop. You can grow core learning skills at home during the holidays through fun and interactive activities. Here are some ways … Read more

The History of Winter Holidays

Happy Holidays! You might hear this greeting frequently around this time of year. It is used during the winter season to recognize the celebration of various holidays. Although some celebrations, like Christmas, are widely recognized during this time, there are several other holidays to appreciate and acknowledge. Let’s take a look at December holidays people … Read more

Feel Good Thanksgiving Movies to Enjoy with the Family

Although we all look forward to the Thanksgiving Day feast, spending valuable time with loved ones is just as delightful. Here’s a list of Thanksgiving movies to watch together cozied up with a spiced hot apple cider. A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving (1973) This Emmy Award winning family classic is based on the comic strip Peanuts. … Read more

The Independent Learner: 5 Characteristics

It is important to teach our children to become independent learners. Becoming an independent learner will not only help them in their academic career, but also in their adult life. But what habits can turn a child into an independent learner, and what are the benefits? An Independent Learner Asks Questions Asking questions improves a child’s … Read more

Good Habits to Teach Your Child

It’s very important to teach your child good habits while they are still young, even if they have trouble grasping them at first. Good habits will greatly benefit your child in adulthood. The top 4 good habits your child should learn include: Having An Exercise Routine Keeping your child’s body active is very important for their … Read more

How to Prevent Sickness During the Winter

Cooler weather creates a perfect environment for the common cold, the flu, COVID-19 and other viruses. Now that we’re going to be confined to enclosed spaces even more, here are a few reminders that can help prevent sickness from entering your home. If your surfaces are clean, you have less to worry about This is … Read more

Trick-or-Treating Alternatives

Want to stay healthy and stay happy this Halloween? The Good Hope Tutoring Services staff wants you to, too. Check out our three trick-or-treating alternatives that you and your family will love during these unprecedented times! Indoor Scavenger Hunt Hold an indoor scavenger hunt with candy. The rules are up to you, but the general … Read more

How a Math Tutor Benefits Your Child

A math tutor can help your child by providing personalized instruction, encouraging good study habits, and building their confidence.