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Geometry Workshop

Just $200/Month

The Geometry workshop focuses on geometric concepts. Students will get the instruction they need without the traditional use of a textbook.

They will explore fun and interactive geometry apps that will strengthen their knowledge of shapes and formulas. They will be provided with an interactive learning environment through the use of animated activities, worksheets, and effective and engaging videos. 

Instruction is designed to meet the specific needs of the students. Students will also have the opportunity to learn, review, practice, and obtain feedback. Homework assistance is available during these sessions. 

  • This workshop requires a minimum of 5 students.

  • These sessions meet online for 60 minutes.

  • Sessions are held on Mondays and Wednesdays (ONLINE ONLY) from 5 to 6 PM ET.

  • Begins: First Mondays of every month.

Image by Patrick Fore


S. Brown

“Good Hope Tutoring Services has helped our 4th & 5th grade girls tremendously! The use of real-life examples and their professionalism has allowed them to increase their math scores exponentially. I would recommend their services to anyone!”

S. Arbnot

"My son feels comfortable with Orisha. He enjoys his sessions and is positive that he will pass his math class if he continues his sessions with Orisha. She helped break down the word problems for better understanding. She helps my son plan ahead."

C. Ross

“I dreaded taking any type of math course, but because of Good Hope Tutoring, I understand the concepts a lot better. The tutor made everything come together and I appreciate everything that Good Hope has done for me.”

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