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Good Hope Tutoring Services is excited to introduce SOLARO, an excellent resource and unique program that allows students to manage their study time more effectively, in conjunction with Castle Rock Research Corp.

SOLARO is a complete educational solution to support grades 3-12 student learning in Mathematics, Science, and English Language Arts. SOLARO can assist your child to excel in the classroom and strike the right balance between school and everyday life. Tutors from Good Hope Tutoring Services will monitor each student's work and customize tests and quizzes for the students.

As an educational resource, SOLARO provides exceptional value through a combination of features and benefits:


  • Available online, on mobile, and print version through SOLARO digital and study guides.

  • Aligned specifically to U.S. common core standards in Mathematics and English language arts and to State standards for science.

  • Accessible on Android, iOS, and Windows platforms to give give students almost limitless possibilities as to when and where they can use SOLARO.

  • Motivational incentive program that awards students with points for positive educational performance, such as completing lessons, taking quizzes, reviewing feedback, setting and realizing goals, and helping peers. Points may be redeemed for both virtual and real rewards.

  • Clear reports linked to curriculum outcomes are automatically generated to provide students and parents with timely information on student progress and assessment results.

  • An easy-to-use interface that allows students to quickly make notes, participate in discussions, review lessons, take tests, set goals, view reports, and earn rewards.

  • Moderated peer discussions and peer tutoring are tied to core concepts to emphasize collaborate learning.

Students using SOLARO will have access to educational content 24/7, which allows them to personalize learning around their busy schedules.

We encourage you to contact us to schedule a demo of SOLARO.