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HSPT Prep Course

About This Course

This standardized test measures your basic skills and achievement in preparation for high school. Schools will use your results in different ways including assisting with curriculum placement, admissions (typically to private and catholic schools), and scholarships.


Many colleges often give preference to applicants from private schools. Therefore, your HSPT score can have an impact on your long-term future.


Since retakes are discouraged, you want to make sure you’re ready to do your very best the first time. Good Hope Tutoring Services has prepared this course to help you succeed in your first attempt.

Course Schedule & Cost

HSPT Prep Course 2021 Dates - Google Docs - Google Chrome 8_3_2021 7_06_09 PM (2).png


  • Full Course (Math & ELA): $400 - 21 hours of live instruction

  • Math ONLY: $250 - 10.5 hours of live instruction

  • English Language Arts ONLY: $250 - 10.5 hours of live instruction


What C Ross Thinks About GHTS

“I dreaded taking any type of math course, but because of Good Hope Tutoring, I understand the concepts a lot better. The tutor made everything come together and I appreciate everything that Good Hope has done for me.”

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