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4 Smart Homework Space Ideas for Kids (That Actually Work!)

Homework can be stressful enough without the extra hassle of trying to find a quiet and organized spot in your home where you and your kids can work.

If your family’s homework space isn’t doing the trick, then it might be time to steal our homework space ideas!

Here are four smart homework space ideas you can start using today.

1) Have a Designated Spot

Homework space ideas - study space

Setting aside a place for your kids to do their homework helps them stay focused, organized, and productive. It also teaches them that homework is important and that they are not completing it on the spur of the moment. Rather, they're using their allotted time to finish an important task.

It also aids in the development of time management skills in children, as they will learn to prioritize. However, make sure the room has plenty of light, as well as enough space for them to spread out so their desk isn't crowded.

Also, make sure they have a sturdy desk and table they can use while sitting up straight.

2) Bright Colors and Organized Chaos

Can we all agree that organizing and cleaning up your homework space just makes sense? Although it can be tempting to avoid it, research has shown that it actually makes you more productive. Likewise, studying in spaces with bright colors helps students study longer.

The key takeaway here is to keep your child's homework space alive and well. You can use posters, pictures, plants, and maybe even some music playing quietly in the background.

These stimulants can encourage your child to stay motivated while working on school assignments.

3) Use Designated Storage to Keep Things Tidy

When kids have a place for everything, it’s much easier to keep things organized. Think about organizing materials into trays, baskets, boxes, shelves, or bins. This will make it easy for them to keep track of all their stuff while also making them easy to find.

Homework space ideas - Storage boxes

Once you've got everything organized, place a label in front of each section so your child knows exactly where to find what he or she needs. If you've more than one child, then each box should include each child's name.

If you can, label each homework storage with the date on which it is due. This will ensure that things get turned in on time without forgetting what day they are due by! Also, remember to let your children know about the storage item(s).

4) Add Whiteboards/Chalkboards to Walls

Homework space ideas - Blackboard

Adding a whiteboard or chalkboard to your child’s homework space is a great way to get them excited about learning. You can either draw out problems and solutions or use these boards as an area for notes or reminders.

In fact, with just a few pieces of inexpensive equipment, you can add dry-erase boards or chalkboard surfaces to just about any area in your home or office.

Whether you have a little kid in first grade or a teenager who is about to graduate high school, creating an area where your child does homework will make it easier for them to focus on what they need to get done.


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