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Family Fun Stem Projects

Updated: Oct 24, 2022

Are you looking for fun yet educational projects to do during times when school is out?  STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, & Math) projects are a great way for families to spend time together while sparking an interest in STEM fields. These projects encourage family bonding through teamwork.

It can be fun to stay up all night and play video games like there is no tomorrow, but there is no better way of bringing families together than to spend time on STEM projects. Let’s look at three STEM projects that families can do together.

Coding a LEGO Maze

Coding a LEGO Maze can stimulate interest in technology. This project involves parents constructing a maze and have their children guide a LEGO through it. Since this project leans toward the technology field, the goal is to teach children how coding works. Of course, parents could get in on this too and work with their children to ensure that they are learning to code properly. If your child is experimenting and not doing the project right, it’s OK as it is the learning that matters.

Pipe Cleaner Counting

Since everyone uses math in everyday situations, the goal of this project is to teach children the importance of counting using pipe cleaners and beads. Be sure to follow the instructions. Each pipe cleaner is used to teach your child about visual learning by putting each pipe cleaner in order from the smallest to the largest. Visual learning helps because it would allow your child to understand that by seeing the size of the pipe cleaners, they would be gaining an understanding of small numbers to large numbers. People use numbers all the time, whether it is to count money at work, or to tell time on a watch. Understanding numbers is vital for your child’s learning of math and for their path of learning.

Cloud in a Jar

If you ever wanted to know how clouds are formed, this experiment gives your child just the opportunity to learn how. Making clouds in a jar exposes your child to the field of science. Be sure to follow these instructions. Clouds always appear in the sky all year round, whether they drift peacefully across the sky or form together as rain or a snowstorm.

With this experiment, your child can use household items to form their own clouds inside of a jar. It is also a good idea for your child to look at real clouds to get a better idea of how they form in the sky. You can get involved too and observe your child’s progress. Even if the experiment does not turn out perfect, your child can always try again for different results. Have fun with it!

Family Teamwork

Teamwork is important within a family because it helps create bonds and it encourages each family member to come together and assist each other to get a project done. Since there is no “I” in team, all family members can decide whether they want to complete a project together.

Working together on projects not only helps families know each other better but also establishes good chemistry among family members. Incorporating STEM projects into your family time can help your child expand their interests and perhaps explore further into fields they might not have otherwise chosen.

STEM projects are a great way of discovering new interests your child may have in the future. You can find more STEM projects here.

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