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Don't get sick! 3 easy tips to try right now

Updated: May 31, 2021

Cooler weather creates a perfect environment for the common cold, the flu, COVID-19 and other viruses. Now that we’re going to be confined to enclosed spaces even more, here are a few reminders that can help prevent sickness from entering your home.

Prevent sicknesses like this from infecting you and your family.

If your surfaces are clean, you have less to worry about

This is the easiest way to prevent sickness. If you disinfect devices and other commonly touched surfaces, there’s no need to worry about becoming infected. However, while this prevents yourself from getting sick, it’s important to be mindful of others as well. Touching your face and touching commonly touched surfaces is an easy way to get others sick in your household.

Keep your hands busy

Even though we are in a pandemic, we still have to touch door handles, countertops, and other surfaces that are riddled with germs. It seems almost impossible to prevent yourself from getting sick when we are out and about. But simply touching a door handle doesn’t make you become infected with whatever virus may have been on it. The problem comes when you make contact with your face without washing your hands.

Prevent your hands from getting you sick by keeping them busy. If your hands are busy doing something, they won’t touch your face. I even used this method myself when I was younger to stop myself from touching my face at school. No matter the setting, people touch their faces for many reasons, but mine was from anxiety. To stop myself, I would play with a huge eraser I had and draw on it to keep my hands busy. You can also try sitting on your hands while sitting or keeping them in your pocket while standing. The whole point is to become hyper aware of the problem so that you can fix the problem!

Prevent Sickness by Pre-Washing Fruits and Veggies

Having a strong immune system can help prevent sickness. However cleaning produce is time consuming and is just one extra step that can make you not want to deal with them. To solve this problem, wash a large amount of produce at once. This way, when it comes time to eat, there’s no excuse to not eat your fruit and veggies.

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