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Importance of Getting a Tutor for Your Child

Updated: Oct 24, 2022

Sometimes it can feel like you’re getting nowhere with your child’s education, especially if they aren’t interested in studying the material at school. To ensure that your child can compete with other students and actually enjoy their studies, you may want to consider hiring a tutor to help with learning strategies and organizational skills.

However, if you're not sure whether or not the expense would be worth it, here are five reasons why you should get your child a tutor.

1. Your child will progress faster

The best thing about tutoring is that it provides direct one-on-one attention. No matter how smart or self-sufficient your child may be, having a tutor will make them progress faster. Not only will they have access to feedback on their current skills, but they’ll also have help picking up new skills.

With some focused tutoring, your child could catch up quickly and stay ahead of classmates in no time. The earlier you start getting your child tutored in something, whether it’s for school or for life skills like cooking and cleaning, the more likely it is that your child will continue doing these things on their own as adults.

2. Their confidence will grow

Having someone with experience teach your child will help build their confidence. If they make mistakes and try again, they'll be less likely to quit something because of a mistake. And if it's not working for them in one area, a tutor can always help improve those inadequacies.

Children aren't always great at assessing themselves and that's where you come in as a parent. You'll be able to see your child improve faster and begin to realize just how much these sessions are helping.

As their confidence grows, so will their willingness to learn more on their own. Tutoring is just one way you can show your child that they have what it takes to succeed in whatever they set their minds to!

3. They’ll be ahead of their peers

Academic competition is fierce. If your child is falling behind in class, it can be difficult to motivate them to learn on their own. But when your child has a tutor, they’ll have someone who understands exactly where they’re struggling and can help them succeed.

And as a parent, you may often worry about your child fitting in socially at school, and, indeed, missing out on hang-out time with friends can negatively impact self-esteem. But having a tutor ensures that you won’t have to worry about your child lagging academically as they will have extra support at home. Meaning they can still hang out with friends and also enjoy learning.

Because everyone feels better when they know what they're doing, with a tutor helping to guide their learning process, kids have more knowledge about what's expected of them; therefore, less anxiety in general! And more peace of mind for you.

4. They’ll have someone to help and practice with

I can bet one of your biggest goals as a parent is giving your kids all that they need to succeed. So if you want them to succeed, you should consider getting them private tutoring. This is more than just pushing books at them and teaching for an hour each day.

Going from knowing basic addition to mastering fractions isn’t easy—and it isn’t something that will just happen naturally over time. That’s why having a tutor around can be invaluable for every child who wants to get ahead. As they can always have someone to practice with.

You could always take time out of your schedule to teach your children these important skills, but as a busy parent that doesn't have free hours during the week (or evening), hiring a tutor who has made a career out of helping children learn is an excellent alternative.

5. A tutor can work with you on scheduling

A tutor can help your child organize their time and make sure they’re on top of everything they need to complete. This means if there are any conflicts, they can work through them with you so it doesn’t negatively impact your child’s education.

For example, if your child has extracurricular activities after school, their tutor can suggest ways for them to better manage their time and organize their schedule so that way all of these items can get covered within a reasonable amount of time.

Always Remember:

One of the greatest benefits a tutor offers is one-on-one attention. And this can be really beneficial for certain learners who need to have things explained in different ways.

If you feel like your child could benefit from having someone who will listen to what they have to say, give it serious consideration because tutors will provide students with opportunities not often offered by teachers or classmates during class time.

At Good Hope Tutoring Services, we make learning easy for all types of learners. Book a free consultation with us today to help secure your child's future.

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