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Strategies to Help Struggling Readers

Updated: Oct 7, 2021

Is your child struggling with reading? Do you know someone who struggles to concentrate when reading? We’ve got some suggestions that may help in your child’s reading journey!

Proficiency in literacy is one of the most crucial skills a child develops in their early years at school. From a young age, children are encouraged to speak words and recognize common vocabulary with the use of books and reading activities. However, it is important to note that reading skills and comprehension of complex words develop over time as a child’s vocabulary expands.

As we know, not everyone learns the same way or at the same pace. Everyone is unique in their ability to understand concepts and some struggling readers can fall behind their peers. Reading ability can be impacted for many different reasons, including learning difficulties like dyslexia. Struggles with reading can occur to people of all backgrounds and with speakers of every language.

It is important to provide early intervention to children who struggle with reading. One such intervention is to “gamify” reading. Here are just a few ways to turn reading and vocabulary into a game. All games and descriptions are courtesy of Education World. Links to the games are hyperlinked in the game title.

  • Word Search

  • Levels: Grades 1-3

  • Skills: Vocabulary, Spelling

  • Description: “This is a unique spin on the classic word search puzzle. It's a good idea for the parent/guardian/teacher to set each game up as the user is prompted to decide how the game is played (on a printable, or on the computer) and which words will be featured in each puzzle. Once the game destination is selected and the words entered, students are presented with what appears to be a random set of letters. Somewhere in that set is a word, however, and the player must find it. Finding the most words wins the game.”

  • Word Scramble

  • Levels: Grades 1-4

  • Skills: Vocabulary, Spelling

  • Description: “Word Scramble is a challenging vocabulary game for kids. This game is designed to help kids practice their spelling and learn new words. In this, kids have to look at the picture and identify the word. They must rearrange the given letters to form the word. This game is a great way to help kids build, test, and enhance their vocabulary and spelling skills. The stakes are high, as a timer keeps track of players' progress. Some of the words are tricky but provides some hints if you need some help. The game features plenty of words, so even after several plays, new words will show up.”

  • SpellaRoo

  • Levels: Grades 1-6

  • Skills: spelling

  • Description: “Get a "jump" on spelling lessons with SpellaRoo. A kangaroo who hops better than he spells, SpellaRoo needs you to find the words that are misspelled in his sentences. Some of his errors are "obvious," but others aren't such a "piece" of cake. Start with the beginner level and move to the intermediate for an effective spelling review.”

Use these games to help your child practice their reading, vocabulary, and spelling. As your child advances, try new games to keep it fun and engaging!

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