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The High School Placement Test (HSPT) Explained

As your student gears up for the HSPT, or High School Placement Test, it can sometimes be unclear about what it consists of and how to prepare for it. However, there is no need to stress! Here is the HSPT explained.

What is on the HSPT?

To begin, what is on the HSPT? The HSPT is a five-part exam, consisting of 298 questions. Students are allowed two hours and thirty minutes to complete the HSPT, and it is split into five different sections. The five sections go as follows: – Verbal: Focusing on vocabulary, synonyms, antonyms, similarities, differences, etc. – Reading: Consists of short passages, history, and humanities. – Quantitative: Tests basic vocabulary. – Language Skills: Focuses on grammar rules, spelling, punctuation, subject/verb agreement, etc. – Math: Basic math skills with no calculator. Each section is allotted a different time frame to complete and there are no penalties for unanswered questions. You can only take this test once so it is vital to do well the first time.

How to Prepare for the HSPT

In regards to preparation, the best way to prepare is to do research and understand what type of questions will be on the test. It may be beneficial to study the above mentioned subjects and brush up on those rather insignificant aspects of reading, writing, grammar, and math, as that will be helpful moving forward. Another great way to prepare for the HSPT is by hiring a tutor. Tutors can help you with any aspect of the learning process, but can be exceptionally helpful before a major test like the HSPT.

How to Register for the HSPT in Accokeek, MD

In order to register for HSPT tutoring courses in the Accokeek, MD area, you can do so by registering right here on our Good Hope Tutoring website! HSPT’s are popularly known as an exam for entry to Catholic or private high schools, so it is important to register promptly. Good Hope Tutoring offers courses for small groups of 3-8 students, and allows for personalization of lesson plans based on each student’s individual needs. This 21-hour course dives into the five critical sessions and will help students work through the HSPT problems. If you need assistance with the HSPT or other tutoring services, feel free to give us a call here at Good Hope Tutoring, or visit our website for more information!

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