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Fun Activities for Struggling Readers

Updated: May 31, 2021

Is your child struggling with reading? Or do you know anyone with weak concentration? We can help!

Proficiency in literacy is one of the most crucial skills a child develops in their early years at school. Children are made to talk words out loud, learn to recognize common vocabulary from classroom materials, books, and fun activities to practice them. Reading skills and comprehension of complex words develop over time with added vocabulary knowledge.

However, not everyone learns the same way or at the same pace. Everyone is unique with their grasping powers and some struggling readers can fall behind their peers. Reading ability can be impacted by many different reasons, including learning difficulties like dyslexia. It is important to provide strategic training as early as detected, although remedy methods can vary to individual’s needs and ways of learning. Struggles with reading can occur to people of all backgrounds and with speakers of every language and country, but rates vary nation to nation.

Photo by Andrea Piacquadio from Pexels

Have you tried creating some games to help your child improve their reading? Here are several fun activities for struggling readers:


In this activity, the teacher sets each game as the user is prompted to decide how the game is played, in a printable format or on the computer, and which words will be displayed in each puzzle. Once the game begins, the students are able to see random letters to create sets as words upon finding. Finding the most number of words wins the game. The puzzle activity is for grade levels 1-3 and focuses on vocabulary and spelling skills.


For grades 3-6, the scramble game focuses on the vocabulary and spelling skills of the child, with a timer running to track their progress. Children are supposed to un-jumble a set of letters to form proper words. Some words can be tricky, and on hitting the ‘done’ button, a hint appears. As they keep playing, new words will show up.

SPELLAROO This is a fun activity for the kids of levels 1-6in need of some practice with their spellings. There’s a ‘kangaroo who hops better than he spells’, and it needs the student to find the words he misspelled in his sentences. Get your child started from the beginner level and gradually advance levels for effective spelling reviews. For example, “some of his errors are ‘obvious, but others aren’t such a ‘peace’ of cake”.

So get a jump on practicing vocabulary and spelling! Gradually advance levels and try new activities to always keep it fun.

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(All games are sourced from The Education World -

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