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Scholastic Assessment Test Preparation

Who We Are

Good Hope Tutoring Services LLC operates under the leadership of Orisha M. Brown, a life-long educator. Orisha has more than 25 years’ tutoring experience, 7 years’ teaching experience in both public and private schools, and 5 years’ teaching college-level courses. She has a B.S. in Biology and an M.A. in Education, Instructional Systems Development.

Why Choose Us

Orisha and her team of tutors are highly qualified, have background checks, are patient, will explain concepts in multiple ways, and will motivate your child(ren) to learn!

At GHTS, our goal is to help students achieve academic excellence and build self-esteem. We not only tutor our students; we also mentor them.

What Our Clients Say

Mrs. Brown worked with my children and provided excellent tutoring services. She accessed their needs and customized a learning plan for each child that addressed their specific needs. As a result of working with her, their grades and HSPT scores improved.

Kim B.

Our experience with Good Hope Tutoring has been really great. It has helped my child to excel in both reading and math.

T. Beatty
Fort Washington, MD

My daughter really benefited from tutoring through Good Hope. Within 2 quarters, my daughter brought her GPA up by one whole point and her math grade went from an F to a low B. Amazing!

K. Woodridge
Upper Marlboro, MD

About The Course

The SAT prep course consists of a small group of 5-15 students each and includes a diagnostic test, practice tests, and customized instruction tailored to the specific needs of the students within that group.

In this 20 hour course, we help students to:

  • Review grammar, usage, and mechanics to better prepare for the evidence-based reading and writing;
  • Gain confidence through insights and practice, which includes how to manage time better, overcome test anxiety, and understand how scoring is conducted;
  • Distinguish the difference between school exams and standardized tests.
  • Learn how to accurately solve math problems using shortcuts and other tips to manage time efficiently during the exam.

The classwork and homework assignments provided will help students to master and enhance their overall performance on all sections of the SAT. We provide a special focus on preparing students to excel in reading comprehension, understanding vocabulary in context and solving math problems using strategies and shortcuts.

There are no makeup sessions with this course, as a recording of each session will be available by request.

Classes start on Friday, November 6, 2020.


Mathematics meets on:

Fridays 4:00 to 6:30 PM EST (11-06, 11-13, 11-20, 12-04)

Reading/English meets on:

Tuesdays 4:00 to 6:30 PM EST (11-10, 11-17, 11-24, 12-01)

Last day to register will be Thursday, November 5, 2020 by 12:00 PM (noon) Eastern Time.


Should I take the SAT or ACT?

This is a question that many students face when preparing for college. Up until recently, most colleges only accepted the SAT. All colleges now accept either test. The main differences between the SAT and the ACT are as follows:

  • The SAT does provide formulas in the mathematics section. The ACT does not provide any formulas.
  • The SAT contains three sections: Reading, Math, and Writing and Language. The ACT contains four sections: Reading, Math, English, and Science. Both also have an optional essay.
  • The ACT tests your knowledge base (how much you know), whereas the SAT tests your thinking skills (how you think and reason).
  • Both tests are given 7 times per year.



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20-hour in-depth preparation course.

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Parent/Guardian understands that student needs to have an Internet connection with microphone and webcam/video turned on to engage with group and instructor. An appointment reminder email will be sent out before each class. through your Good Hope Tutoring Oases account. This email will contain the link to join the session. Additionally, the Zoom app should be downloaded on the student's device as a backup plan.

Parent/Guardian agrees to make sure that the student is prepared with materials to work on during the session and is in a quiet environment to maximize engagement and minimize distractions.

Parent/Guardian understands that there must be a minimum of 5 students registered for the class to take place. In the event that 5 students have not registered, by 11:59 pm on the Sunday before class starts, a full refund will be issued OR the parent/guardian has the option to receive a credit for other GHTS services.
Parent/Guardian understands that in the event that they cancel for a non-emergency situation, the payment is non-refundable but can be applied to other GHTS services.


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