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Join Over 500 Happy Parents!


Our tutors are highly skilled and deliver lessons in the most engaging way possible. 

Personalized Tutoring

Because every student is different, we tailor our sessions to suit each student's learning style.

Great Support

We are just an email or a phone call away. We respond promptly during business hours.

100% Screened Tutors

Only the best tutors pass the recruitment process, ensuring they have the talent and personality that matches our mission. 

Flexible Scheduling

Designed to fit your busy schedule, Tutoring sessions are scheduled based upon your availability.

Broad Catalog

We offer a wide variety of services, including individual tutoring, group tutoring, math and ELA workshops, and test preparation services.

Tutoring Plans 

One-Stop-Shop for Your Tutoring Needs

GHTS is a small, hybrid New Majority-Owned tutoring service that specializes in engaging students on a holistic level. We aim to encourage personal and scholastic growth and develop independent life-long learners. 


Video Testimonials

Video Testimonials

Video Testimonials
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Meet Our Founder

Meet Our Founder

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Ayden's Testimony

Ayden's Testimony

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What Clients Say

"My grandson’s tutor, Dwaylene, has been very responsive with whatever Criston needs to work on, especially the things he doesn’t understand. She breaks it down to its simplest form so he can understand. We appreciate Good Hope Tutoring Services, and Dwaylene, for coming into our life during these COVID-19 times."
- Cynthia B.
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