Equitable Services Title I Tutoring Program LLY-430-22-008

About The Programs

GHTS proposes an in-person, hybrid, and virtual mathematics and ELA tutoring program for students who attend private schools and are eligible for Title I services in Grades K-12 in BCPS. This program would provide flexible hours at various locations within and around the Baltimore County region, utilize qualified tutors that meet BCPS requirements, and provide multi-year engagement focused on accelerating student growth to meet the Maryland College and Career Readiness standards for mathematics and ELA.

GHTS has an impactful history of providing services to represent the needs of its Title I student demographic and show the capacity to understand the realities that Baltimore County Schools face. Since 2015, we have provided services to the Baltimore area in various subjects for grades K-12. Over the last three years, we have begun to reimagine the opportunities to expand our services beyond tutoring to include robust parent engagement programming and access to needed resources for student's families. GHTS has identified several target market segments that are actively pursued.

We work with the Title I schools we partner with to assuage learning barriers such as but not limited to homelessness, low income, learning disabilities, safety, and other factors which cause quality education to be elusive to students who go through these and similar trials.

GHTS always strives to help students achieve their goals with our whole student approach. We ensure, to the best of our ability, that the emotional, mental, and physical needs of the child are being met. Our services are offered with low-income and marginalized students in mind, as they represent the largest demographic within Maryland school districts. The goals of GHTS tutoring services:
  • Increase student understanding of common core state and national standards as they related to ELA and mathematics
  • Demonstrate the capacity to create a tutoring environment for students that can help them achieve success in any given subject
  • Help students overcome academic challenges and lead them to autonomous and independent learning

The goals of the tutoring services provided by GHTS align with Title I Equitable Service requirements by servicing low-income students, consulting with private schools to best assess their tutoring needs, and including parent engagement programming to support student success.

Furthermore, GHTS focuses on improving the “whole student” by providing mentorship programming along with academic services, underpinning our alignment to Title I goals and requirements. The efficiency and quality of services will measure the service capacity. The scheduling of services will be flexible and accommodate the needs of all Title I students receiving services and personnel providing facilitation.

Since 2004, GHTS has provided high-impact in-person, hybrid, and virtual tutoring/mentoring services for over 500 students at the elementary, middle, and high school levels.