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Leadership Team

Unleashing Synergy: Meet Our Dynamic Leadership Team Shaping the Future of Education

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Orisha Brown

Founder & CEOMD, USA

Visionary Founder & CEO, pioneering industry innovations, champion for diversity, seasoned strategist, impassioned leader, and transformative entrepreneur. 30+ years experience.

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Emmanuel Eze

Director of TechnologyLagos, Nigeria

Director of Technology. Tech guru, solution architect, digital transformation leader, innovative thinker, AI enthusiast. A decades of industry expertise.

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Nancy Griffin

HR DirectorMD, USA

HR Director. People-centric leader, talent acquisition expert, culture builder, change manager. Overseeing growth and harmony for 40+ years in HR.

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Tiffani Shider-Wilson

Administrative AssistantSC, USA

Administrative Assistant. Organizational powerhouse, detail-oriented, efficient multitasker, reliable team player, communicator. A decade supporting executive-level professionals.

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Alli Robison

Assistant Director & HR ManagerMD, USA

Assistant Director & HR Manager. Education advocate, talent developer, employee relations expert, strategic planner. Melds academia with HR brilliance.

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Masceline Petitlubin

Assistant Director & Marketing ManagerMD, USA

Assistant Director & Marketing Manager. Brand strategist, creative marketer, ROI-driven, consumer insights aficionado. Blends business acumen with storytelling finesse.

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About Good Hope
Tutoring Services (GHTS)

Good Hope Tutoring Services, LLC, (GHTS) is a hybrid (online & in-person) New Majority-Owned tutoring service that specializes in engaging students on a holistic level. Our services are offered to students nationwide by qualified tutors, both in-person and online (virtual). We take pride in providing quality services to students in grades Pre-K through 12th grade using evidence-based curricula and strategies.

Our Vision

To be the leading organization that specializes in engaging students on a holistic level, inspiring them to unlock their full potential and become lifelong learners.

Our Mission

We are dedicated to engaging all students on a holistic level, nurturing their individuality and fostering a love for learning. Through innovative approaches and supportive relationships, we aim to empower students to reach their full potential and develop into confident, well-rounded individuals, enabling them to grow and achieve.

Leading Organizations that Trust Our Expertise
  • International Society Of Female Professionals
  • MBE Certified
  • Expertise.com Stamp