Parent Engagement Program

About The Programs

The Parent Engagement Program (PEP) is a community collaboration for parents that is led by PEP coordinators of Good Hope Tutoring Services, LLC (GHTS). PEP is designed to help parents become full partners in their children’s education through social-emotional learning, community collaboration, and much more. The Parent Engagement Program (PEP) aims to align with Baltimore County Public Schools to foster parent outreach and engagement under Good Hope Tutoring Services (GHTS) student mentorship and tutoring programs. PEP will provide community outreach opportunities, valuable resources, and general support to parents. The primary goal of PEP is to assist parents in developing positive relationships with their children, increase self-awareness, acquire healthy family dynamics, and connect to the community.

GHTS will first support our parents by making sure that they know the resources available to them by BCPS, such as "Parent University." GHTS understands that it is vital that parents connect with the resources available directly from the source of their child's learning. GHTS mentoring program through PEP will partner with BCPS to further expand parent outreach and engagement efforts to include:

  • Relational capacity activities: small group and large-scale parent community talks to continuously strengthen trust in GHTS and BCPS
  • Identifying personal strengths
  • Training opportunities: opportunities would range from mindfulness activities to technology-related tutorials (How to use Google Classroom, Zoom, etc.)
  • Community awareness: provide community service opportunities for parents and their children
  • General support: build a positive relationship between parents and their children to ensure success mentally, socially, academically